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Ola Micro Cabs Booking @ Rs. 6 Per KM in Mumbai

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Ola Micro Cabs Booking @ Rs. 6 Per KM in Mumbai
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Ola Micro Cabs Booking @ Rs. 6 Per KM in Mumbai. Download Olacabs mobile app and book a ride @  Rs. 6 per km.

Ola Cabs Offers: Ola Micro Cabs Booking @ Rs. 6 Per KM

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This Offer of Ola Micro Cabs is available in all the Prime cities, only on Ola App. Ola Cabs cover all the budgets ranging from economic to luxury travel. You can book the cabs through Ola mobile app. This is 100% Indian cab service which supports both cash and cashless payments. You have the option to pay through Ola money also. At Present Average bookings are more than 150000 per day. They command about 60% of the market share in all India. In October 2014 they had market share of 80%.

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Ola announced outstation and rental services in June 2016. That’s a great relief to many people who are regular travellers. Ola has tied up with Mahindra to increase the fleet strength. If you ask ‘What is Micro in Ola cabs?’ To apprise you we inform that Ola Micro Cabs were introduced as a low budget cab service for the people who cannot afford Ola Mini. Ola Micro Cabs is @ Rs 6/- and Mini is @ Rs 8/- Ola Cabs booking have revolutionised the taxi service in India. Even lower middle class can travel in cars today. Anybody can download Ola Mobile App in his smartphone and enjoy the taxi services. Ola Cabs ensure Convenience and transparency through mobile devices. Today women have minimum security problems because there parents can track the taxis sitting at home. There are plenty  of Cabs options to suit every pocket. You can book Ola Micro Cabs, Mini Cabs, Prime and Luxury Cabs on Ola App. Go for Ola Micro Cabs Booking and save your hard earned money and precious time.

How to Book Ola Micro Cab?

  • Download Ola app
  • Register if you are new user. Login if you are already registered.
  • Enter Coupon code if you have
  • Choose one option Ola Micro out of Micro Mini, Prime Cabs
  • Enjoy your ride.

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