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About Footwear

Research shows the modern man today spends more than a woman on his footwear. Today Men are focusing on their personality as the women first look at the shoes of a man to judge his personality.
Women’s eyes might be the windows to men’s soul, but shoes are the window to rest of the personality of a man. What you wear on your feet does tell a lot about you. If you wear easy to wear footwear like Flip flops, sandals or floaters, it tells that you are a bit lazy kind of fellow. If you wear untied shoes or sneakers it tells that how oblivious you are. If you wear stylish shoes you are fashionable.

Having a few pairs of good shoes is the future investment for season upon season. Therefore, a man should choose a set of shoes very carefully.

Casual Shoes for Men :

There are variety of Mens Casual Shoes. Generally, what is not formal is said to be casual. Even sports shoes are considered as casual. Other Casual shoes are Boots, Sneakers and loafers.

Today modern man has defined a new range of shoes called Business Casual. It is not very casual and not very formal. It is neat and tidy yet informal. Business casual shoes are more casual than the informal (old fashioned) and more formal than the casual (Rough).

Formal Shoes for Men :

Formal shoes are generally the office and the party wear. Most of the people like to wear black colored plain, shining shoes. The second choice always remains with brown color.

You choose color as per personality traits. If you choose black color it means you are more of an independent and strong willed person.

If you choose brown color it means you like to live a simple life. You are happy in the company of good friends and close relatives.
You should wear darker shoes than your trousers. Shoes are the most valuable part of your dress. There should be a nice match between your shoes, trouser, socks, belt, shirt and tie.

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