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Satin Nightwear Sets Online in India @ Flat 50% Off

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Buy Satin Nightwear Sets Online in India @ Flat 50% Off  at Clovia. Soft in touch, slips from the skin easily, gives an exotic look.

Satin Clothes are made of Viscose Rayon filament yarn.  Viscose Rayon is a cellulosic fibre which differs from Nylon and Polyster.  Nylon and Polyester are not good for skin but Viscose being cellulosic like Cotton fibre does not injure or affect the skin.  Cellulose is manufactured out of the rich cellulose trees.  This is the basic ingredient used for  manufacturing Viscose Rayon.  On the contrary Nylon and Polyester are made out of chemicals.  Satin Nightwears are the trends since the Viscose Rayon Filament is invented. In India there is huge production of Viscose and that’s why the Shining Satin Clothes are cheap.

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