› Defining Mens Footwear : Shoes, Boots, Floaters, Slippers

Defining Mens Footwear : Shoes, Boots, Floaters, Slippers

Types of Men’s Footwear :

Footwear is  foot + wear, e.g.  shoes, sandals, floaters, slippers, flip flops etc.

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Types and Styles of Men’s Shoes :

Broadly Shoes are four types (1) Casual Shoes (2) Formal Shoes (3) Sports Shoes (4) Ethnic Shoes.

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Casual Shoes :

Generally Men wear casual shoes at the moments like going to the market or going to a friend’s house or holidays. Broadly we can say, the shoes which you do not like to wear at the time of some interview or a marriage function are basically the casual shoes. Casual shoes include Boots, Sneakers, & Loafers.

Casual Shoes have got another range of shoes called Business Casuals. It is defined by the modern time professionals as per the convenience; it is neat yet informal wear. Business casual is more casual than the informal and more formal than the casuals. It is in vogue today at many corporate offices.

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Sandals :

Toeless footwear which have got back.

Floaters :

Footwear which are with toe or without toe but they never have back. Floaters; like flip flops and slippers; one can quickly wear and take off.

Slippers :

Footwear which are generally without toe and back. But technically these can be easily slipped into the feet. You can say footwear without laces.

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Flip Flops :

Toeless, backless with Y type of straps.

How to Choose Formal Shoes? :

We are seeing, with the advent of new technology it has become very difficult to find out the right product. Recently split leather has been invented. It has spoilt the quality of leather shoes. It has become very difficult to judge whether this is the original leather shoes or split leather. Basically split leather has got a very thin plastic film sticked to its surface. After a few weeks or months this film gets worn out. Therefore, you have to be very careful in judging the leather shoes. Hence, you should go for reliable brands like Woodland and Redtape.

From the images above you can find out what exactly is your requirement? According to that you can choose your footwear.

Popular Stores for Footwear: You can buy footwear of your choice at the most popular stores : Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.

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