Why Summer Holidays in Hills? The Best Hill Stations in India

Why Summer Holidays in Hills

Holiday on the hills should be one and only mission in summers regardless of whether you are an itinerant person or not.

The very idea can run a chill of thrill in your veins, provide a feeling of ecstasy and a burst of energy. All of this starts the very second you visualize a trip to some hill station. You get charged with enthusiasm, relief, excitement, joy, and exhilaration all a once. Not only will this trip be a stress buster but also prove a wonderful way of getting to know yourself and the world.

So, no matter what, it is about time to book your tickets, pack your stuff and scoot! (more…)

Thekkady Tourist Places | Places to Visit in Thekkady

Check out the Thekkady Tourist Places.  All the Great Places you have been missing all the time.

Nature lovers and adventure travelers must visit Thekkady. Thekaddy is located in  Kerala state, Idukki district. It is in the jungles of Periyar and is a natural wildlife sanctuary and has an area of 777 Sq. km. You can reach Thekkady by road from Ernakulam railway station or Kochi airport as it is only about 150 km away from these locations. If you want to reach Thekkady from Kottayam railway station it is only a distance of 114 km. by road, whereas from Trivandrum it is 250 km. by road.

Periyar National Park

Thekkady National Park

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