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Denim Jeans Online Shopping, Buy 1 Get 1 Free at American Swan. Denim Jeans in different designs and colors: Blue, Light Blue, Dark Blue Denims.

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Denim basically is made out of cotton yarns. Indigo Denim is the most common Denim. To manufacture Indigo weave lengthwise blue thread is taken and width wise white. Thats why its blue on the front surface and white on the back. When the fabric gets rubbed the white spots come out at knees and at the hip portion. It was natural but today it has become a fashion. People wear Denim or Jeans for 4-5 days and more. Whenever they are in hurry they pick up their jeans and go away. Hippies were were jeans for months. They keep wearing even if these jeans get worn out at knees or other places. And today it has become fashion. People buy worn outjeans for fashion.

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