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Madhubani Paintings of Radha Krishna @ 25% Off

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Madhubani Paintings of Radha Krishna @ 25% Off
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Buy Madhubani Paintings of Radha Krishna @ 25% Off at Amazon.  Unique Madhubani Paintings or Mithali Paintings made by Great Artists.  Master pieces of Human Art!

Amazon India offers Special discount on Madhubani Paintings depicting – ‘Shiva Parivar’, Lord Krishna, Radha Krishna, Doli, Holi and many more available at their Portal. Buy Madhubani Painting for each occasions & festival – Birth, Marriage, Holi, Kali Puja and etc. Painting from brands – Craftuno. Harmony Arts Online, Dolls of India and more.

Good paintings make your home more beautiful. Some good paintings on the walls can create a magic. The way you keep your home, that reflects your taste and personality. Madhubani painting is done with fingers, brushes etc. Must buy a few Madhubani Paintings of Radha Krishna.

Madhubani Paintings of Radha Krishna

Madhubani Paintings of Radha Krishna

About God Krishna everybody knows.  One can know more about him in Mahabharta.  Radha was one among Gopis whom Shri Krishna loved.  Gopis and Radha were having cow herds.  Krishna was singing on flute and everybody knows how the cows were fans of shri Krishna’s flute.  When animals were got spell bound with the voice Krishna’s flute then anybody can get attached to it. You can know more about the relationship about Radha Krishna from the following poetry of Ramdas Bhandarkar :

Radha was Krishna’s Love,
Nay, Radha was Krishna’s part,
Krishna was Radha heart,
She came dancing to tune of flute,
She was breath of his music,
She filled his Murali with Love divine,
He made her spine his flute,
Chakras become seven holes of flute,
played strange notes, became her light and joy,
Sitting below lean against tree,
with legs stretched like kind loving mother,
She took his head in her lap,
Love talked for hours in silence,
Her face Krishna saw in his own light,
And in her eyes his own figure,
In her heart his own face,
Love is that lamp glowing in her heart,
light of love spread whole world,
even the Sun and moon reflected Radha’s love!

He became her smile,
she laughed his hearts joy,
She shed tears of his pain,
Never cared for shame and blame,
Never showed shyness,
As her star like love shines,
Sound was there companionship,
Innocent she was about his divinity,
He gave his all to her plain love without vanity!

Radha, Radha was Krishna’s breath sounded,
Krishna, Krishna her heart danced,
No jealousy no possessiveness,
Radha was great and her love too,
No touch of selfishness, love’s spotless devotion,
Pure was heart without corruption,
Her love revolved around Him,
Just as Earth around the Sun,
Or moon around the earth!
Sometimes she was satellite,
Sometimes she is star or planet,
Her love shined in the sky,
Shaded clouds shy red at dawn and dusk,
Golden sun rays of dawn, adorned her love,
white face of high clouds shy to red,
Black low clouds shed tears when krishna was a bit late,
Cooling the burn,
to put off the fire of longing!

Radha was nature and she was filled with Krishna’s spirit,
Radha was great to make Krishna Great,
She was her Guru, she became his motherlike at times,
She was friend and guide,
Never enjoyed his downward slide,
He filled her breath in his heart and mind,
Made it wide and light,
Prepared him for his high flight,
No internal fight, every thing straight and her heart was ever light,
Filled with eternal love’s light,
She taught every thing in love is always right,
When only heart is light,
with love’s innocent purity extreme!

Poet Surdas Wrote about Radha Krishna:

madhubani painting of radha krishna

Krishna said, ‘O fair beauty, Who are you?
Where do you live? Whose daughter are you?
I never yet saw you in the lanes of Braj.’

Radha said, ‘What need have I to come this way?

I keep playing by my door.
But I hear that some son of Nanda,
is in the habit of stealing butter and curds.’

Krishna said, ‘Look, why should I appropriate,
anything that’s yours? Come, let’s play together.’

Suradasa says: By his honied words,
Krishna, the crafty prince of amorists,
beguiled Radha and put her at ease.

Why love of Radha Krishna was a sign of sacrifice.  Factually they never got married in spite of deep love.  Checkout the the youtube:

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